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Access your Test Results

It is easier and quicker to manage appointments, request repeat prescriptions and view your test results, via our online service. Simply log in and select an option.

If you wish to start using online services, you can create an account by clicking on the “Online services” tab below. Once you have created your account, you can book one appointment at the practice.

>> Further information on how to register for online services

If Patient Access is unavailable you are advised to use alternative methods to arrange your appointment or request your Repeat Prescription.

When you attend for a test of any kind you will be told how long you should expect to wait for the results. Please bear this in mind and call the Surgery  once sufficient time has elapsed.

  • Please call between 1.15pm and 2pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays to receive test results from a doctor
  • If the doctor is not available and you need the results urgently please call back on the next day or leave a message with a receptionist
  • Most blood and urine test results are available to us within 2-3 days
  • Some blood tests may take longer to arrive. Most x-ray results are available within 1 week
  • At times, you may be required to discuss a result further and if this is the case the receptionist will ask you to book an appointment with a doctor or nurse or we may write to you requesting you to do so
  • Only results of tests requested in the surgery are sent back to us.

If the test was arranged by your hospital consultant

If your test has been carried out at a Clinic or Hospital please call the Clinic or Hospital for the result, as we cannot action tests which have been requested by other Clinicians outwith the practice. If the consultant’s secretary or colleague inform you they will send the results to your GP, explain that you want the results from the specialist who arranged them who is in by far the best place to give appropriate advice.

Our Reception staff are not qualified to comment on results therefore it is your responsibility to check them and make any necessary follow-up appointment with the Doctor.

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.


All specimens must be provided in a suitable container and marked clearly with name, date of birth, date provided and reason for the specimen.

Failure to do so may mean that the test will need to be repeated – Please note that when bringing in a sample to the surgery, only samples in the correct container can be accepted. These are available from reception.